./CKF.HTM Clock - a time display utility. /? for help

./CHESS.HTM Chess game program. Inputs and validate moves keeping updated display of position. Various features include load/save game.

./FQ.HTM Finding the location of a batch program (no disc writes)

./ADD3.HTM Adding 2 decimal values (using only COMMAND.COM)

./FVAR.HTM Setting environment variable to single line text file

./GETDATE.HTM Getting the current date (DEBUG solution)

./SL7.HTM Getting the current date (reverse engineering date format)

./DIMTH.HTM Calculate number of days in month

./DIV2A.HTM Division by 2 in 13 lines

./LC.TXT Convert filenames to lowercase

NOTE: With all the articles you may use your browser to "Save As... Text" then you can use a text editor to view them and/or copy the batch programs out of them. There may be some garbage at the beginning but the rest should remain verbatim to the original. I would put them as text here but the service provider does not render them reliably.